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"The high tide raises all boats!”

The fan of a farm is a similar fan of a winery or garden center, and the collective effort of all three categories creates an exponentially greater opportunity to market, engage and convert curiosity into a consumer. A social, SEO and digital marketing strategy will be leveraged to engage the consumer in a curated platform where you become one of hundreds of voices creating noise in the agritourism space. That noise drives consumer awareness and engagement to the industry, to the region and to your business.

In addition to promoting the industry, Agritourism.Life is also a benchmarking platform. Knowing how you compare to yourself, your peers and your industry provides you valuable insights to make informed decisions. 


Over 80 million consumers (born between 1982-2000) are now the largest purchasing population on the planet…and will be for a very long time!


As the generational shift continues to unfold, more and more families, communities and consumers are looking for a safe, authentic, experiential, and socially conscious way to spend their time… and their money.


Seeking locally grown products and experiences that celebrate sustainability and purposefulness is a vital part of their decision-making process.  Sourcing and curating those experiences should be simple, mobile, and informative.  

Agritourism.Life is the solution.


Agritourism.Life is a subscription-based platform where members join and enter into the digital community of agritourism by category—Farms, Wineries, and Garden Centers. You can upload or provide photos, videos, products, links and brands that you would like your agritourism audience to learn about you and your business.


Whether you are in the experience economy (onsite), the convenience economy (online) or both, Agritourism.Life connects conscious consumers to your brand and your business.


As the world rethinks and adapts to the “new now” of commerce, networking, customer experience and business strategy, Agritourism.Life curates an innovative space to transform, build and grow both your agritourism business and the industry as a whole.


Agritourism.Life has two complimentary elements—Drive digital awareness and conscious consumerism to the agritourism industry while connecting farms, garden centers and wineries to each other by forming a virtual sharing platform.  

Simply put: C2B2B


Agritourism.Life is a customer-engagement platform that invites your prospective audience to virtually visit your farm, winery or garden center, shop online in the new convenience economy, and then plan a trip to experience your agritourism life in person.


Agritourism.Life is also a community space for three industries of agritourism to connect, communicate, and collaborate while transforming the agritourism industry with one vision & one voice—Agritourism.Life.


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