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Discover the Power of FoodScaping

by Brie Arthur

"Garden to Table” is the best way to describe my passion of Foodscaping. The idea is simple: Add purpose to everyday landscapes, like the one surrounding your house, by incorporating your favorite food crops right alongside the ornamental plants. The idea of Foodscaping is not new. In fact, the strategy of planting food crops in convenient locations goes back centuries! From cottage gardens and French potage to the edible landscapes described by Rosalind Creasy, FoodScaping is just a modern term for a logical and easy way to grow meaningful amounts of food in ordinary spaces. By incorporating popular annual crops like tomatoes, peppers, kale, and chard into the landscape you will add brilliant colors and textures that blend beauty and abundant harvest. The ornamental plants offer the biological diversity needed to attract beneficial insects and reduce disease pressure. Plus, your landscape will look awesome year-round!

Keep it simple! You can start Foodscaping by just planting bed edges- you will be amazed by how much square footage is available. Bed edges are a great location because they are easy to access for planting, watering, and harvesting. Plus, there are quite a few food crops that will help deter deer, rabbits, and even inground creatures like voles! Practical solution for a problem that we all face! Have fun and be creative... Ultimately, the goal of Foodscaping is to show the vast opportunities that our landscapes offer and encourage everyone to grow something that you eat in a simple, efficient way! Most importantly, be creative with your plantings and change them seasonally so they look beautiful year-round and will continue to provide you the beauty and bounty that you have earned!

Learn everything about FoodScaping by purchasing a signed copy of Brie’s two books, "The FoodScape Revolution" & "Gardening with Grains."


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