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We chose to focus on families with young children…

We included a play table in our store to entertain young children while parents shopped, we carried toys for young children - all probably influenced with where we were in our life also - we understood, at that point in time, what it was like to be parents of young children.

A few years ago, we expanded our farm shop and were trying to figure out how we were going to add a second target market, one that was slightly older, had more disposable time and income, that would come and shop regularly in our store.

COVID launched us quickly into that sphere, in an attempt to provide people with a safe place to do their weekly groceries, we added to our offerings to really be a full grocery store. That new target market in particular was concerned about shopping in a crowded store, and we quickly grew a regular shopping following. We're making several changes to continue this and find ways to keep them engaged and willing to go out of their way to shop with us.

Going into the future, we continually have conversations with our children about the future, even if they are only 9 and 11. There is no pressure to join the business; however, it's an active conversation on what the business could look like in the future to be attractive to them.


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