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Rising Roots Does It Right with Microgreens

Agritourism.Life takes a quick trip over to Scotland to learn the art and science behind a rising trend in the agricultural world— microgreens. Introducing Rising Roots!

“Rising Roots Does It Right with Microgreens ”

Rising Roots is committed to providing microgreens to the local community. This devotion stems from a responsibility to encourage healthy living for all. The mission is to support local and inspire others to grow at home, to allow roots to rise and community to grow.

Rising Roots provides the highest quality and nutritionally dense microgreens to the Moray community, Scotland. You can find the produce in local restaurants, farmers markets zero waste stores and farm shops.

The Rising Roots structure allows the microgreens to be freshly harvested and immediately delivered locally with minimal carbon offset. This allows the greens to arrive with the highest nutritional impact. They are also strictly herbicide and pesticide free and use only non-GMO seeds and organic soil (approved by UK organic soil association).

The indoor, climate-controlled framework provides the microgreens with accurately monitored conditions. All greens are grown under LED lighting in a hygienic repurposed space. Optimum amounts of organic nutrients, air, and water cater to the microgreens so they can grow wholesome and flavourful.


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