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Savor the Stress

by John Kennedy

The winery wants the vine to “work” for its survival…not just sit around and wait for nature to do its thing (I like this metaphor). I am sure we all can agree that there’s been no shortage of stress over the last many months and we could all use some decompression and healthy deep breathing.

Whether it was the tough economic drought of years past years, a wonderful and long recovery or the present global pandemic, we have experienced both famine and feast climates, which have “stressed our vines to the breaking point”.

“We surround ourselves with successful folks in our business that share the same values as our winery”.

That small sample of fertile ideas can grow to large varieties of distinctive, unique and sought after wines that the new generation of spenders will definitely seek and find.

“We will become that winery of choice for the wine spectator who seeks something unique and authentic…with a story…that they can become part of”.

The willingness to do it right, which may actually cost more on the front end, is another key to the family’s cultivating success story. In addition, the willingness for the family members to wear different hats, to be equals on the team, and to support whatever is necessary to create that greatest experience for the wine enthusiast.

That is what makes this family... extraordinary


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