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Sharing Stories of Engagers, Influencers and Innovators of Agritourism.

Welcome to the newest addition to our digital magazine—our Young Writer’s Circle!

In our last magazine edition, we highlighted the youth of agriculture with stories and support opportunities like “Seed Your Future” and a short film by Tamer Soliman called “Farming: The Next Generation.”

We are now proud to introduce you to the next generation of the Agritourism Life community—Meet McKinley!

McKinley Warhol and her family were also featured in our most recent edition of Agritourism.Life where McKinley shared that she is an aspiring writer. So the idea to create a “Young Writer’s Circle” was born, and McKinley will lead the way. She is the Founding Member of YWC and will showcase her talents in here inaugural piece as she interviews and shares the story of Georgia’s youngest Certified Farmer. McKinley takes it from here….

If you would like to join the "Young Writer's Circle", We'd love to hear from you.

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