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Gold Dust & Walker Farms


Since 1973, Gold Dust Potato Processors and Walker Farms have been farming in the Klamath Basin. Originally when Bill and John Walker partnered to farm, their main focus was grain. Now, Gold Dust & Walker Farms is one of the Klamath Basin’s top chipping potato farms and processing plants, with our potatoes being found in brands all around the Pacific Rim. Now our crops also include dairy-quality alfalfa hay. As we’ve grown, so has our team of partners, farm crews, office staff, and floor crews.


Gold Dust & Walker Farms’ success is owed to focusing on quality and customer service. We know providing high-quality crops for our customers is one part of a successful partnership. The other is using our experience and knowledge to ensure our customers get their products when and where they need them and at a fair price.


If you’re looking to build a long-term relationship with a grower, then Gold Dust & Walker Farms are the partners you’re looking for. Between our experience and our commitment, you can rest assured we can provide you with quality crops for the long haul.

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Gold Dust & Walker Farms

30203 Micka Rd, Malin, OR 97632, USA


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