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Reston Farm Garden Market


Lowell and Bonita met when Lowell was just 17, working as the ice cream man. He charmed Bonita, finally convincing her to go out on a date when he gave her her favorite ice cream: strawberry shortcake. (He’s a smart man, right?) Lowell graduated from ice cream, and while he was working for other seasonal businesses, learned quite a lot about the flower and produce industry. 

He and Bonita developed their successful pop-up garden centers, and when the owner of Reston Farm Market asked if we would be interested in reviving it, we said, “YES!”  Our family is excited about returning the market to its glory. The original owner did such a wonderful job of uniting the community and providing a great place for families to enjoy themselves. We strive for that same connection with the community and are working hard to bring you opportunities for joy and to make memories for generations.

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Reston Farm Garden Market

10800 Baron Cameron Ave, Reston, VA 20190, USA

(703) 759 - 0000

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