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Wegmeyer Farms


Owners, Tyler and Harriet Wegmery of Wegmeyer Farms is nestled in the rolling hills of Loudoun County, Va., just outside the historic Quaker village of Lincoln. Situated on a nineteenth century farmstead, our primary crops are strawberries and pumpkins. We take great pride in growing top-quality produce for our family, friends, neighbors and customers. Our products are “as-fresh-as-it-gets” and we invite you to come and enjoy an authentic farm experience with us!


We started our farm in 2002 with a small crop of pumpkins that we sold at the local farmers market. We opened the farm to the public and added the u-pick operation in 2008, and opened the u-pick strawberry field in 2009. We welcome you to visit our farm, pick some “fresh-as-it-gets” produce and create wonderful memories.


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Wegmeyer Farms

38299 Hughesville Rd, Hamilton, VA 20158, USA

(540) 751-1782

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